Armoured Piñata, The Exchange, Penzance – 2009

42The Exchange gallery invited six pairs of artists who do not normally work together or make collaborative art to create a piece for the gallery under the title ‘Double Vision’. I worked with Howard Silverman over a period of several months with a final intensive month leading up to the installation of the show. The result was ‘Armoured Pinata’. Amongst other things the final piece reflects the creative highs and lows of our collaborative journey and the high energy and intensity of living and working together for the month of construction and installation.




.img-1 armoured pinata 2009‘Armored Pinata’ – wall painting and sculptural elements size variable approx 12m x 4m. Bernard Irwin & Howard Silverman


img-2 armoured pinata 2009








img-3 armoured pinata 2009


img-4 armoured pinata 2009


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