The trees are singing

Acrylic on canvas

168cm.h x 232cm.w

A mirror into the Light

Acrylic and mica on canvas

150cm.h x 120cm.w

If I were a blackbird I’d whistle and sing

168cm.h x 201cm.w


Ah me, if this be love

168cm.h. x 201cm.w




The greatest happiness is to be found in longing

68.5cm.h x 52cm.w

High Flying

108cm.h x 208cm.w

Atomic Toy

32cm.h x 41cm.w



170cm.h x 120cm.w


Every flower sends an angel

170cm.h x 120cm.w


The wind blows away my words

35cm.h x 44cm.w


Electric counterpoint – slow

40.5cm.h x 30.5cmw


Electric counterpoint

35.5cm.h x 30.5cm.w